Flower Pharm is an Italian company that operates in the natural sector, developing innovative products based on Cannabinoids, with a particular focus on CBD (Cannabidiolo).

The goal of Flower Pharm is to develop all the therapeutic potential of CBD by placing it in a wide range of products for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to their own wellness in an absolutely natural way.


What are the products sold by FLOWER PHARM?

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Where do FLOWER PHARM products come from?

For the scientific guarantee of its products,Flower Pharm works with an exclusive contract with the most important farmagalenica company in Italy, Farmagalenica srl, directed by dr. Marco Ternelli who obtained the Medical Cannabis Masterclass in the Netherlands and is now one of the leading international experts in the field.

What do FLOWER PHARM products contain?

To see the composition of Flower Pharm products click on the reference page of each product.

How much do FLOWER PHARM products cost?

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Che cos ?? IL CBD e L?aromaterapia?

Per conoscere le propriet? del CBD e dell Aromaterapia vai sulla pagina di riferimento oppure clicca qui


Where can I find FLOWER PHARM products?

You can find Flower Pharm products online or at authorized retailers.

If you have a shop and want to become a reseller of our products, contact us at : info@byflowerpharm.com

I would like to work as an agent for FLOWER PHARM how can I do?

Send your application to : info@byflowerpharm.com


How can I pay ?

It is possible to pay by credit card.

How are shipments made and how much do they cost?

Shipments are made by TNT courier, and cost ? 9 (Italy) and ? 15 (abroad). The shipment usually takes place the day following the order, from Monday to Friday, and the package is then the package is then delivered to TNT.

Orders over 50 euros will have free shipping.

If I have problems with my delivery, what can I do?

Write to:?customer@byflowerpharm.com